Stamped Concrete: Is It Outdated & How Much Does Stamp Concrete Cost?

Stamping is the most efficient decorative resurfacing you can do to your concrete floors. And it is not outdated at all!

Through the years stamped concrete Dallas has been leading the resurfacing industry for its adaptive aesthetics.

stamped concrete patio

But since you are dealing with concrete flooring, what can happen is that the concrete slabs may have aged already. The concrete surface needs updating by restoring its form and functions. You can rejuvenate concrete flooring through concrete restoration or installing an overlay stamp to renew its look. 

Today’s post answers all your stamped concrete FAQs such as:

  • Can old concrete be stamped?
  • Is stamped concrete worth it?
  • How can I resurface outdoor concrete flooring?
  • How much will stamped concrete overlay cost me?

All these and other up-to-the-minute ideas with stamped concrete! GO ahead and read until the end!

Trendiest Stamped Patterns For Your Floors

Using polished classic stamped designs to update your moderns floorings is a breeze! Concrete stamping allows you to have a cost-efficient flooring solution especially if you got outdoor concrete. 

Once you notice that the floors in your backyard, patio, or driveways have been showing signs of damage, you can prevent it ASAP. Install concrete stamps or overlays. 


You will not require yourself to dig out the flooring slabs. This will cost you more and cost your time.

Here the timeless stamped patterns for remodeling your outdoors:

1- Seamless Slate Patterns

Are you tired of the earthy, out-of-date stamped using beige slate cut designs or those bring-like patterns for your patio or concrete driveway?

Why not try resurfacing those areas with neutral-colored slate stamp patterns. Slate patterns come in greyish-black or dark marble patterns. 

Black slate designs are also available; these designs add a sharp and edgy but still look classy for outdoor areas in your properties. 

Here some slate patterns to check out or ask Dallas Concrete Artisans for stamped overlay photos and look for these following styles:

  • Black slate Stone Pattern
  • Dark Grey Marble Stone
  • Black Slate Marble pattern
  • Stone Texture
  • Grey Ashlar Slate design

2- Popular Stamped Concrete Designs for Patios

If you are specifically looking for patterns suitable for the patios, here are trending designs to choose from:

  • Roman Slate
  • Italian Slate
  • Grand Ashlar
  • Old granite
  • Grand Sandstone

These overlay-stamped patterns usually come in neutral to light greyish black tones. They are perfect for the patios because they display a subdued earthy color that departs from the usual beige, brown or reddish hues. 

3- Driveway Designs

For the driveways, a seamless texture always gives the chic, elegant curb appeal in your properties. But another way for you to upgrade the driveways is by incorporating stamped concrete floors without the flooring materials.

Check out the ideas below for new styles to inspire you

  • Driveway edging using grass
  • Edging with plant boxes
  • Concrete driveways floors with alternating grass tiles
  • Stamped borders
  • Stenciled concrete with stamped border patterns

Stamped Concrete Cost

The estimated cost for stamped concrete is $2 up to $20 per square foot. This refers to the national average of stamped floorings across the state. Still, the overall cost will depend and vary according to the state you are in.

A basic overlay stamping overlay may cost around $3 to $8. This is the minimum range for an area size of a 12 x 12 concrete patio or driveway.

Tips to Touch Up Your Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete drivewayMaybe what you are concerned about is that the stamped concrete you have in your properties already looks old? How can you tell? Check out the list below to telling you signs of old concrete

  • Fading concrete sealer
  • Whitish spots start to appear on the surface
  • The surface looks rough
  • Old stains do not come off right away
  • Mud Stains and grimes got stuck n the surface for a long time

Here are easy to touch up your stamped concrete floorings.

  • First, get the surface cleaned. Rinse all the dirt away using a pressure washer.
  • Tip, make sure to clean the nearby walls and steps surrounding your concrete floors. This is to make sure that no residue of dirt will linger once you are ready for resealing.
  • Apply a thin coat of an epoxy sealer to bring back the gloss of the old sealer.
  • Apply the sealer of your choice. You can ask your expert flooring installer for available products. You can choose a high sheen sealer or a matte type of finish.
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