Flooring 2021: The Best Stained Concrete Flooring Ideas

You can achieve decorative concrete floors by several methods. Whether it’s a DIY project or hiring a local concrete contractor, such as Dallas concrete floors, concrete floor ideas will transform your surface into a work of art. But we will only be focusing on one for today’s piece: concrete staining.

We will get to know what stained concrete is, find out the best stained concrete ideas, and so much more.

stained concrete floor

What Exactly Is Stained Concrete?

Imagine altering the color of the wood. You don’t have to change the material entirely. That is what concrete staining is all about. It does not leave an opaque finish, unlike paint. But instead, staining creates colorful tones and hues with the use of acid-based and water-based stains. The best part about concrete staining is that you have the option to mimic natural elements like stone, marble, and even leather.

Acid-based stains

Acid-based stains form from a mixture of water, metallic salts, and hydrochloric acid. These stains work by passing through the concrete surface and chemically react with the hydrated lime found within. The result is a permanent addition to the concrete that would not chip, wear down, peel, or fade away.

Water-based stains

While water-based stains come as a combo of water, pigments, and acrylic polymers. Unlike acid stains, water-based stains come in a more vivid and broad array of hues and tints. They, too, penetrate the concrete and create a permanent color that depends on the product or specification.

commercial concrete stain

The Best Stained Concrete Ideas For You

Stained concrete brings the meaning of decorative concrete to a whole new level. You can install the stains inside and outside of your home. And here are some of the patterns, colors, and motifs you can try out for your surfaces.

Brickform water-based stains

These concrete finishing methods play around the shades of brown, red, and pink. They are ideal for rustic, retro, and Victorian-style settings.

Concrete colors

These stains have an almost infinite set of tones and colors you can select. From frost green to sunrise yellow, you might have quite a time deciding which one you will have to install.


This technique makes use of multiple color stains to create splashes on the surface. Water comes in next to blend and mixes them.

Gloss floors

Having a gloss floor stain coating requires you to get rid of the etching that acid stains tend to leave on the concrete. And you have to dilute the mixture and spread it immediately on the floor with a mop.

acid stained concrete floor

The Benefits Of Having Stained Concrete On Your Floors

  • Stained concrete is flexible when it comes to designs and patterns. The sky’s the limit for this advantage.
  • These stains are eco-friendly. You reinforce pre-existing concrete and give it a second wind. You won’t need to purchase new materials or resources. 
  • Stained concrete is also durable. The stains improve the concrete’s strength and make them last for a longer time. They do not fade, unlike paints or coats.
  • Staining concrete will make an ordinary surface or flooring system look magnificent and further increase its value. Each project is unique, which will make structures and settings a must-see whenever people pay them a visit or two.
  • Maintenance is also not an issue at all. The stains guarantee this aspect. And there are no exposed holes or cracks in the concrete. You can use a broom or a mop to keep the stained concrete clean and looking brand-new. They get the job done easily, and you don’t have to exert tons of effort at all.
concrete floor with staining
One More Thought

Staining concrete is a tricky process. And it takes a lot of practice and skill to get it right. So, if you are not confident with your skills, you can always find and hire a local company to get the job done in your stead. Not only will they deliver quality results by transforming your concrete into a work of art. But these companies also make your property more valuable. We guarantee that the expense is all worth it.

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