Top 4 Helpful Tips for Stained Concrete Projects

Terracotta colored flooring in the kitchen

Take Caution with Using Muriatic Acid

Before a concrete acid stain could be used on a concrete surface, the slab needs to be etched. The etching process is necessary to open up the pores of the concrete and enhance proper adhesion. The most common chemical used in etching is muriatic acid. It is important to note that it can deplete lime content in the slab, therefore, creating less pronounced effects.

Test on the Actual Concrete Surface

Do not rely on color swatches or photos of completed jobs. The stain color that you choose may dry a bit differently on your concrete space. To get an accurate idea of how it would look like once it dries on your concrete, test the actual stain on a hidden part of the slab. Let it dry and check to see of the end result meets your expectations or not.

Apply Stains Only on Fully Cured Concrete

It is true that concrete stains can be used on both old and new concrete surfaces. However, it is important to note that “new” pertains to a fully cured concrete slab. Oftentimes, the curing time for concrete is around 28 days.

Acid-Stained Concrete Must Be Neutralized

A concrete acid stain surface must be rinsed really well after it has dried and cured. Pros often rinse with water through a hose. The rinse water needs to be disposed of properly to keep it from getting to the lawn or garden and killing a few good plants with its high acid content.

Whether you are staining your concrete by yourself or hiring a pro to do it for you, these tips should come in handy. These will help guarantee a successful staining project and long-lasting stained effects on any concrete surface, be it indoors or out. For more helpful tips, you may consult a pro who specializes in decorative stained concrete work.

What is a Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is one of the most popular decorative concrete solutions today. It is a great way of enhancing the look of concrete surfaces, be it indoors or out. It comes in two types: acid and water-based. There are special factors to consider when staining concrete, especially when using the acid-based type. Stains must only be installed on fully cured concrete for optimum results. The color you choose must also be tested in a hidden spot since results may vary on each and every concrete surface. These tips should help make any concrete staining project successful, yielding more stunning and longer-lasting results.

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