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Are you in search of experienced concrete contractors, capable of handling residential projects, regardless of size or complexity? Look no further than Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Dallas, where our excellent experience and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart. Whether it’s a simple walkway, decorative stamped concrete, or foundation additions, our commitment to delivering unmatched workmanship makes us the trusted choice in Dallas, TX.

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Improving or upgrading the floors in your home is fast and easy, assuming money’s no object. You have a variety of options to choose from, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, vinyl, and decorative concrete resurfacing solutions in Dallas, Texas. These options cater to various styles and colors, ensuring your residential floors are not only attractive but also durable. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the installation, maintenance, and improvement of your floors can be handled professionally, meeting your budget for a cost-effective renovation. Concrete floors can now offer a timeless appeal, efficiently mimicking the look of new concrete or other expensive materials like brick, stone, or pavers.

Decorative Concrete Coatings for Residential Pool Deck, Patio, Concrete Driveway, Garage Floors & more!

Every homeowner wants floors deserving of high praise. In the past, aiming for something luxurious meant having to invest a huge amount of money. Nowadays, everyone would be able to have the best concrete floors residential customers have ever seen. Aside from the fact that it is an economical option, it is also a durable alternative that adds value to any residential and commercial concrete surfaces, such as:

Concrete Driveway – Concrete driveways are probably the first thing neighbors and passersby will see when they pass by a residential property. For this reason, it must be very appealing and efficient. Concrete stamping and acrylic cement coating are mostly seen on concrete driveway designs Dallas TX because it is aesthetically-pleasing and textured, thus, improving traction.

Concrete Patio – For the outdoor living spaces, stamped concrete overlay and acrylic cement coating are more stunning and more affordable alternatives to brick, paver, or natural stone.

Concrete Pool Deck – A pool deck is exposed to various elements that puts it in higher risk of damage. Spray knockdown texture is a popular choice for pool decks because it is slip-resistant. Acrylic concrete coating is also ideal because it stays cool underfoot even after baking under the sun for hours.

Garage Floor – It is important to have tough and durable floors for this part of the house but it would also be great if they looked as stunning as other floors in the house. The best of both worlds can now be acquired with commercial & residential epoxy flooring and polyurea polyaspartic coating.

Interior Floors – Concrete stains are perfect for adding vibrance to plain, boring concrete floors in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Acid stains create amazing effects that are so unique, no two acid stained concrete floors are exactly alike. Water-based stains, on the other hand, are perfect for creating specific designs and patterns on concrete floors.

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your home! Upgrade your home with top-quality concrete resurfacing & repair! Call (972) 885-6067 now!

When it comes to homes, we at Dallas Concrete Surfaces do not settle for creating floors that are just “okay”. We want each and every one of our customers to achieve total satisfaction.

Our experienced installation team and professionals in the concrete industry, equipped with the skill and expertise, can turn old concrete floors into masterful works of art. Give us a call or send us an email today to learn more about our concrete works, concrete projects, and commercial and residential concrete services! We are one of the best flooring companies in Dallas, TX, with a dedicated team handling carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, laminate, and vinyl flooring installations. 

Check out our reviews, explore our extensive selection of products, and witness our commitment to excellence. Get answers to your questions, request an estimate, and discover our competitive prices for flooring options in your area. With a wide variety of styles and colors, our logo represents the quality and style we bring to different areas. Trust us for professional flooring solutions, and let our company be your top choice for all your flooring needs.

Contact us today! We also services to our clients in Fort Worth, Forest Hill, Frisco, Duncanville, Prosper, Cedar Hill, and more!

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