Popular 3d Epoxy Floor Designs

We see photoshopped versions of epoxy 3D Floor Designs from time to time, but what does the actual thing look like? A curious mind can’t be satisfied by mock-up pictures alone.

But at least it can give you an idea of what is possible with epoxy flooring Dallas TX. Let’s explore some of the most common 3D floor designs you can make with epoxy.

Marine Life

Suppose you are a sea lover and live for marine life and its beauty. In that case, epoxy can bring your favorite marine life picture.

It can have any of the following designs:

  • Coral Reefs and Sponges
  • Fishes with certain types and colors
  • Tortoises, octopuses, sea lions
  • Sea Rocks and shells
  • Sea Weeds
Underwater coral 3D epoxy floor design

Beach Side

If you’re more of a beachside person and love how the sea brushes itself to your feet, doing just that with Dallas epoxy flooring is possible. You can even customize it to look like it has sand writings.

Beach 3D floor design

Galaxies And Night Sky

Like the sea, the sky is full of wonders. Sky people or those fans of the night sky and astronomy could have their bedrooms, game areas, and cinemas into massive space rooms.

Epoxy Decorative Flooring is also limitless when it comes to designs. It also has a long lifespan, making it more fantastic. You won’t have to worry about the sky peeling off!

Galaxy design 3D epoxy floor

Forest, Fields, Or Jungle Greens

Many people love the feeling or the thought of walking on green pastures or simply a bed of cloverleaf. You may create a look of brown lands on forests or put greeneries everywhere.

Some even have flowers on them to make them more attractive. But if you are still determining what type of greeneries, epoxy flooring contractors Dallas TX can help you with many recommendations they prepared.

Forest designed 3D epoxy bedroom

Floral Patterns

Speaking of floral, this #5 option suggests more artsy and conceptual aspects. It may or may not reference any natural flower, but you can create it on your flooring!

That means epoxy flooring Dallas can make any flowy patterns of flowers and leaves that, for example, you see on old carpets as a design reference for your floor!

Floral epoxy floor design

Optical Illusions Geometry

Are you a commercial establishment owner? You may have a business that focuses on entertainment. In that case, you should know that people love taking photos of anything that imposes optical illusions.

You can do this with any geometric shapes with a bit of twist and turns to their color and sizes. Professionals with epoxy flooring services are well-versed in these designs because they’re trendy and have been shown to help the entertainment industry.

Geometrical patterned epoxy bathroom floor

Choose The Best

You can revamp your floor by asking for any epoxy flooring services. But if you need advice and assistance about what you want to do, local Dallas Concrete Artisans experts are your best bet.

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