Poolscaping: Standout with a Pool Side Landscape

A beautiful landscape sprawled around the pool deck has considerable benefits. It doesn’t just enhance the look of the pool area. A strategically laid out poolside landscape can also offer safety and privacy. It’s a sustainable improvement project that can contribute to the environment. If you’re ready to transform your pool area into an oasis that can rival that of a luxury hotel, read on.

Choosing the Right Plants

pool deck resurfacing san diegoThe most important thing to consider when choosing plants is the weather conditions of the location. In Texas, heat-tolerant plants are ideal. Luckily, tropical plants are great for the local weather. Ease-of-maintenance is another thing that one has to consider. Evergreen plants save you time from regular maintenance. Avoid plants with foliage that constantly shed. These plants can be used for ground cover, shading and decor. Here are some tropical plants that thrive in Texas:

  • Bamboo
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Cajun Hibiscus
  • Hydrangea
  • Cut-leaf Philodendron
  • African Iris
  • Burgundy Cordyline

Incorporating Hardscapes

pool deck surround with resurfacingTo provide contrast to the naturally soft features of plants, hardscaping is essential. You can use natural stone to line garden beds. A small pond surrounded by rocks can be an eye-catching statement. Miniature bridges and wooden fences make add a charming rustic flair. A walkway towards the swimming pool naturally draws attention to it and makes it look a lot more inviting.

Putting up Shade Structurer

pool deck resurfacing san diegoFor hot summer days, keep yourself cool from the blazing sun with shade structures. Shade structures can serve as a lounge while you enjoy a day outdoors. Gazebos, pergolas and or an arbor near the pool deck certainly helps. You can incorporate this into the landscaping by letting flowering vines crawl up the structures. It’s a great use of functional decor that every poolscape should have.

Top It off with Water Features

pool deck resurfacing san diegoWater features that connect the poolside landscape to the pool itself add cohesiveness to a poolscape design. It can be made to take the form of a waterfall or a running stream under a miniature bridge. If you want your water features to be in a separate space, there’s no problem. This can be a great focal point of the poolside landscape.

Poolscaping isn’t enough if your concrete pool deck is in bad shape. Because the pool deck immediately surrounds the pool itself, attention is drawn to it. Beautiful poolscaping should be complemented with a good-looking pool deck. For pool deck resurfacing and restoration services, visit our homepage.

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