4 Natural Stone Designs for Concrete Patios

You have probably seen stone patios in pictures or up close and marveled out how beautiful they are. They are indeed breathtaking but that appeal comes at a high cost. Stone is quite difficult to work with since contractors need to make each piece fit with the others. Some cut the pieces while some just find the right odd shape that would fill the space just right. 

Not everyone, however, can afford this type of material and installation process. 

Fortunately, concrete can be used as a replacement for a natural stone patio. Not only is stamped concrete cost-effective, it is also easier to install, clean, and maintain.

Here are the top natural stone concrete patio designs you should consider:


Flagstone is a generic term for a sedimentary rock that is used for pavements, fences, and even roofing. It is known for its flat form, making it an ideal material for patios. There are many different types of flagstone looks to choose from when going for a stamped stone pattern:

  •  Bluestone 
  • Ledgestone
  •  Mosaic
  •  Pavers
  •  Slabs
  •  Treads
  •  And more…
It is important to consult with a professional contractor to find out what types of flagstone patterns they have to offer and which one would suit your patio best.
flagstone patio with a fireplace


Slate is known for its fine-grained surface and high resistance to weather. It is commonly gray in color but there are certain parts of the world where slate comes in green, cyan, and even purple. This is popularly used as a roofing and paving material because of its feasible, which is a property of slate to form smooth flat sheets when cut. Fractured slate is one of the most popular stamped patterns and textures for concrete patios, driveways, and even pool decks.

country patio with a beautiful furniture and firepit


Travertine is a type of limestone that is often derived from mineral springs. It comes in light hues, such as white, tan, cream, and the likes. There are a few rustic varieties caused by the presence of iron carbonate. This type of natural stone pattern is popular for both patios and pool decks because of its heat-reflective colors.

travertine patio floor with 2 chairs


This is one of the most popular sedimentary rocks that contain skeletal fragments often of marine organisms. It is a popular building material because it is easy to cut, durable, and long-lasting. However, it is a very heavy material, making it expensive since it needs to be transported by a heavy-duty truck. The look of limestone blocks on a patio can be recreated with concrete stamping.

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