How to Make Concrete Floors Work In Your Dining Room

If you’re looking for the right flooring material to give both style and functionality to your dining room, then concrete floors are everything you’re looking for. But if you’re worried about the harsh cold look of bare concrete looking out of place in your dining room, we’ve put together some decorative concrete floor tips and tricks to make this flooring option work for you.

wide area with concrete floor

1. Spread the Decorative Concrete Flooring onto a Large Open-Spaced Area

If you have an open-plan living space where the dining room flows into the living room and kitchen, consider getting concrete floors for all three areas.

This will not only create visual ease for the eye but will also help bring the space together. To make the atmosphere warmer, choose to decorate with rich browns and dark woods that can contrast well with the concrete floors.


2. Make the Atmosphere Airy by Removing Curtains on Windows and Painting the Walls White

A lack of natural sunlight can make a room feel stuffy and dark. To correct this impression, you can remove curtains or use thinner ones to allow sunlight into the room. The sunlight will reflect well off the floors and can give the room a lighter and airier feeling.

If you don’t have windows in your dining room, you can get the same feeling in the room by painting your walls a bright white and by installing light fixtures to complement your concrete floors.

3. Use a Concrete Stain to Match the Rest of the Room

Stained concrete floors are also a gorgeous way to add design to your dining room. Concrete stains come in two kinds: acid and water-based.

Acid stains are only available in limited colors, like warm browns, reds, and terra cotta. But they’re perfect if you’re looking for a unique marble-like effect on your floors. On the other hand, water-based stains are available in many more colors and can be applied in an even stain that will look seamless on your concrete floor.

Stained concrete in the dining room can work extremely well if you choose to go minimal with the furniture. Dark wood furniture looks excellent on acid-stained floors, while light wood and metal tones look great on floors stained with water-based stains.

Stained concrete patio

4. Go Minimal with the Furniture

Minimalist furniture is having a real moment right now. It’s become more visually interesting and stylish to choose minimal trendy pieces that do not interfere with other pieces in a dining room. You can choose to keep your concrete floors bare or opt for polished concrete, which can give a sleek look to any room.

Minimalist decor stays away from most colors and chooses black, white, and shades of beige and grey to decorate a room. Let your food be the vehicle of color in a dining room and remove visual clutter.

With concrete staining Dallas, you can achieve your desired look for your floors, within your timeline.

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