How Do You Make An Inviting Pool By Poolscaping?

You can create an inviting poolscaping by upgrading the pool concrete patios, adding accents, or making your pool decks your next big project. Upgrading how the poolscaping looks is an efficient way to add value to your properties. Gorgeous home with luxury pool pitches high for property resell.

With an inviting pool deck, you can transform an ordinary pool area into a leisure spot rich in interest.

Here is the upgrade you can do with your pool decks or pool deck resurfacing project:

4 Smart and Practical Ideas for an Inviting Pool Decking

1- Play with Colors and Materials

To add oomph to your plain grey pool decks, you can mix and match the colors and the materials. 

To play with colors, set a base for them, which you will use as your primary reference to expand the core perspective that reveals in your entire swimming area.

Natural colors like green, beige, and blue are the vivid layers of hues that paint the picture in your pool.

When you plan to create an extension of decks or set up an outdoor living room vibe, use materials to incorporate your layering color motifs.

Two ideas you can play with when mixing and matching themes to an outdoor space:

  • Use Contrast

Add a material, furniture, for instance, that brings a contrast o texture to the pool. If you use a concrete pool deck, a touch of a soft material will add contrast, like a pillow or a comfy outdoor couch.

  • Use coherence

To show coherence, use colors that will blend naturally to the existing color themes in your pool. A stamped concrete pool deck, for example, will go well with colors such as grey, whitewashed, light greens, and blues.

2- Use Transitions

Transitions steps are not just about forming the lawn to the pool patio to the pool waters. 

When we say transition, these are steps where you can combine types of materials. Ceratin materials have hards surfaces like grass mats. Then another one will have a hard surface texture like your concrete steps or paver tiles. 

Use transitions to reveal a change of material that tells a person that the space is also changing. One minute you were in your grassy patio steps, then next, coming to the pool, you are now greeted with sandy-like textured concrete floors leading you to the pool waters.

3- Lighting Up the Landscape

Lights add glam to both during the day and the night. You can accent your pool deckings with shades and covers or a pavilion. Adding shaded part plays with shadow elements that create an effect on the natural lighting during the day.

When the night comes, turn off some led light bulbs that you hang across the poles you installed in the corners of the pool. Or, another effective way to spruce the pool steps with light is to establish a light bulb on the ground enclosed with wooden containers.

Create stencils on the enclosures will bring a silhouette effect when the light and dark mingle on the concrete ground.

4- Add Water Features and Other Structures

Lastly, add water features like waterfalls, water vortex, or wall fountains. Or build solid structures like slides, vertical walls with hanging plants and mirrors, and more.

Here are sleek ideas to use to add features for creating inviting poolscaping:

  • Install a water display with slim walls of flowing water
  • Add a cascading pool decking with moving current
  • Build seats using concrete decks
  • Add lounging area with a bar that serves food
  • Create small gardens to add a zen spot by the pool
  • Add water therapy structures for massaging and spa
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