4 Top Choices For Garage Floor Coating

High-traffic floorings like the garage need more than just aesthetics. A hardcore garage floor coating Dallas is a must for a hardcore space which means it needs help from expert concrete contractors Dallas

Gone are the days of using garage paint and roll-up vinyl mats. These materials meet the essential function inside messy garage spaces: slip resistance and flooring protection. 

Nowadays, more efficient and effective floor coating garages offer you convenience in keeping up the garage space. Four garage floor coatings make the top choice among homeowners. 

  • Polished concrete
  • Epoxy floor
  • Polyurea polyaspartic
  • Luxury vinyl mats

Clean Garage Interior


What Coating Is The Best For A Garage Floor?

Four makes the top choice for garages that excels in both form and function. Let’s get to know them better below.

1. Polished Concrete

If you already have a concrete garage floor, polishing methods are best to spruce it up. Ordinary garage floors are often left bare with no finishing, and some thought that this would save them from expensive garage floor installation. Leaving bare concrete would only cause you more expenses since the materials are exposed to all forms of damage. 

If you like to upgrade the concrete floor, why not refinish it with polishing. You can achieve the polished garage flooring either with mechanical or manual polishing methods. 

2. Epoxy Flooring 

Garage Floor paints used to be the practical and easy choice that covered up the flaws on the garage floors. However, the big downside of paint is that it fades away quickly, and it is good to use for temporary fixes. So, flooring contractors found a more convenient way to improve the garage floor: epoxy coatings. 

Epoxy gives a seamless, polished finish to the heavily damaged and worn-out flooring. Epoxy makes it the best partner for garage floors since these spaces are exposed to gas, oil, and other chemicals, mixed with heat and impact from metallic tools.

The best thing about epoxy is that it has a self-dispersing component that reaches the space, which is hard to notice, primarily if deep holes or cracks exist. 

Cream colored car in an epoxy flooring garage


3. Polyurea Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Despite its long syllabic terms, the polyurea flooring enhanced with an aliphatic agent is the fastest curing floor coating. Yes! That is right, and it is even quicker than epoxy. 

That said, no wonder why a professional epoxy garage floor installer would refer to this coating as the “one-day coating.” When planning to have the one-day coat flooring, you should ask for the guidance of the pros. 

Furthermore, the one-day garage coating is a product worthy of your investment. Evaluate your garage area and see if this garage coating is your best option.

4. LVT Garage Tile

Luxury vinyl is no longer just for inside office spaces or living rooms. Now you can use LVT garage floorings, 

Traditional vinyl tiles are improved for better function and aesthetic appeal to the garage. In that way, you will see that you would keep the floor areas clean and maintained at all times.

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