Creating an Eclectic Look for Your Backyard Pool

Bold colors & diverse art! These are words to translate what is seen as ‘eclectic”. And true enough, there are surprisingly hundreds of ways and ideas to show a home or any property y its eclectic side!

Here we go with this blog to learn about the most creative ways to show off eclectic backyard pool designs.

Reinventing Properties with Your Eclectic Side

In art and architecture, eclectic is a style that borrows themes, designs, and concepts from various cultures and forms from various time periods.

You can see these styles in a backyard with a pool entrance built with Romanesque archways. A tiled floor or a concrete pool decking would have a Moorish pattern. Then It can also be combined with the Koi Pond, which reminds you of a Japanese garden.

Let's Get Eclectic: Backyard Pool Designs that Show Your Unique and Interesting Styles

Show off your electric persona through your backyard and swimming pool area. Try out these designs and find what best suits you.

1- Blue Haven Pools

The first is easy to do. A blue haven pool is an effective idea for adding bright colors and different textures in a very small space. You can redesign your pool decks and pool tiles with bright aquamarine colors.

A good way to do this is by using vibrant splashy sapphire tiles. Or you can stain the decks with an ocean-marbled stain pattern. Or lastly, you can add stamped concrete overlays to result in various patterns, such as geometric shapes or floral prints.

blue haven pool with lighting & chairs

2- English Cottage

Adding elements that appear from another time period is another great way to get the eclectic style. You can take inspiration from a 17th Century English Cottage for the swimming pool in your backyard.

These would remind you of fairy tale settings like the mini hut of the even dwarfs from Snow White

3- Bianchi -Inspired Design

When you search for Bianchi designs on the web, you will be greeted with many waterscapes designed by the Bianchi Group. They are architects specializing in creating luxury waterscapes. You can learn from what they call the “law of similarity” in crafting outdoor living spaces. After you call on your Dallas Pool Decking contractors, you can partner with Bianchi to design the lounge by the pool.
bianchi inspired curve pool design

4- Pool Stone and Pebble Designs

A Moorish pattern for DIY eclectic style is often achieved with pebbles and stone flooring. You can resurface the pool deck with a flagstone or bluestone slate made from stamped concrete.


If you are someone who wants to brave the environment by trying out themes, colors, and patterns that express who you are, then eclectic is for you.

You can also give your outdoors a new perspective when you transfer your eclectic side to your pools and backyard areas. You can quickly achieve this using raw and natural materials like a concrete pool deck and concrete entryways. They got the look that would seamlessly match a range of designs and still look pleasing and artsy!

For perfect and luxurious pool deck services, call the best concrete resurfacing contractor in Dallas to create an eclectic-inspired pool.

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