5 Damaging Elements That Cause Concrete Cracks During Summer

Summer is a season when people spend time outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, making it crucial to maintain your concrete surfaces. During this time, cracks on concrete slabs and sidewalks usually form due to the harsh sunlight. 

The strong sunlight causes water vapor and moisture within the concrete to evaporate, leading to stiffening and the development of cracks. 

Our specialists in concrete maintenance can address these issues through patching, sealing, and restoration services. 

We offer epoxy solutions for durable repairs, along with leveling and parging techniques to ensure a smooth foundation. Trust our team to provide expert maintenance and prolong the life of your concrete surfaces this summer.

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5 Main Causes of Thermal Cracks on Concrete Floors

Here are five causes of thermal cracks on concrete floors:

1 - UV Rays

UV rays or ultraviolet ray is an electromagnetic radiation that is not visible. During summer, UV rays are bright and harsher opposed to some days.

In this hot season, UV rays break down and damage concrete materials, including the polymer and other binding components. The UV rays are also harsh on surfaces. If floors remain unrepaired or not reinforced, they will lead to spalling or cracking of concrete.

Reinforcement, such as resurfacing, is highly encouraged to prevent this problem during summer. If you are planning on the second option, choose the best one. You can talk to a great team of resurfacing professionals from Dallas Concrete Resurfacing to get you started.

2 - Chemicals

Various chemicals are harmful to concrete. These chemicals damage the concrete causing it to crack. Most acidic chemicals destroy a concrete’s material.

Many factors pursue the effect of chemicals to concrete during summer. There is also a high chance of chemical spills during summer that can increase the risk factor of concrete cracks.

Though damage on concrete due to chemicals do not happen often, it is still great to prepare for this. To make your concrete withstand the effect of chemicals, the resurfacing solution from concrete resurfacing Dallas can work.

Many resurfacing solutions also have styles and designs that fit your aesthetic needs. You can opt for decorative concrete coatings. The resurfacing solution has the same purpose: giving an extra layer of protection and giving the concrete that refreshing style.

3 - Water

Another element that can increase the risk of concrete having cracks is water. Since concrete will need and have moisture on its own, the cracks form due to the rapid evaporation of this liquid.

During summertime, excessive temperature can cause fast moisture evaporation from concrete.
Some people splash water on concrete during summer to cool it off. It may cause a delay in the evaporation of moisture, but it’s not sustainable.

It could result in cracks forming on the concrete faster. The long-term solution would be concrete repair and resurfacing.

4 - Heavy Use

Many would agree that doing something off the bed during summer is better. Several factors make people more active during summer. It could be the sun or the rush that keeps people walking or doing something else.

It may also be because it is easier to drive or walk during this time as the roads are clear and the views are better.

As a result of this, concrete floors are subject to heavy use. When you keep using something, it will eventually form cracks as a sign of use. These cracks will form on concrete floors.

To get rid of the worry of checking out for a formed crack on your floor, talk to a concrete contractor Dallas, TX. Solve your problem by resurfacing your concrete. It is a cost-effective solution for reinforcing your concrete floors rather than just replacing them.

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5 - High Traffic

Summer season is the time when many people get out of their houses to enjoy the sun. Many people go for a drive, walk outside, or get a nice view from the outside during these times.

Due to this, high traffic happens that may cause damage to concrete floors. Skid marks on floors are common when many vehicles pass through them. And it is undeniable that concrete floors will form cracks during these times.

There are times when replacing your concrete floors might not be the best solution. Sometimes you only need to resurface and add a protective sealer on the concrete’s surface to repel damage from elements such as the sun, water and etc.

Resurfacing professionals from concrete refinishing Dallas can give you a less expensive solution to this problem.

Key Takeaway

Summer season is a great time to go out and enjoy. However, it is not a season to disregard matters like tending to your concrete floors. During the summer, it is necessary to protect your property from damaging elements and learn how to prevent concrete cracks from forming. 

This way, you can enjoy your summer worry and hassle-free.

For premium decorative concrete installations and repairs in Dallas, TX, and surrounding cities such as Garland and Carrollton, call our company. We offer a wide range of services including sealing, slab replacement, and sidewalk maintenance. 

Our experienced team uses quality equipment and expertise to ensure each project meets the highest standards. Contact us for an estimate and schedule an appointment to enhance the durability and appearance of your properties this summer.

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