Landscaping to Turn Your Backyard Pool Into An Oasis

If you plan to redesign your backyard and change the scheme of the swimming pool area, then you need our tips in this blog. Learn various landscaping ideas and incorporate them with your new concrete pool decking around the swimming pool!

Landscaping Ideas Around the Backyard Pool

Choose from these landscapes and transform ordinary backyard pool into a dream oasis.

Tropical Landscapes with Natural Flora

You can create a tropical theme using concrete pool deckings mixed with natural floras. Of course, you need to choose plants that would remind you of the tropics. These vibrant, green, wide-leaf plants would look perfect for slate patterns.

You can achieve these atrial slate stone look through stamping. You can easily do these with a Dallas pool deck resurfacing, where a thin overlay adheres to an existing outdoor concrete floor.

beautiful backyard landscape with chairs

Zen Retreat Landscape with Gravel and Concrete Decks

You can never go wrong with a Zen retreat landscape. It also uses more natural materials like concrete floors, gravel accents, and Japanese-inspired plants like bamboo or bonsai.

Then you can achieve more of the Eastern aesthetic by adding ceramic pottery and designing them using wabi-sabi art. This setup is easy to create once you have your decks designed with decorative concrete to amplify the gray and negative space aesthetic.

Natural-Contemporary Landscapes

The best, yet simple to make, are the contemporary landscapes. You can easily look them up from artsy mediums like Pinterest or Instagram. Just type in “contemporary landscape,” and you will see thousands of pins and images to inspire you.

It will teach you to use the practical materials you have at home. Like a pool deck resurfacing, it is a practical approach to enhance or refinish your decks and give them a fresh look ready for the swimming season.

contemporary style backyard with fireplace

Family Friendly Scapes

Incorporate slides for kids to play around or splash pads for the whole family’s fun. Combine these waterscapes with your deckings and provide a non-slip surface for these areas. You can also add some fencing around the area as an accent to your landscaping fencing. Use proper materials where it can survive a few splashes of water.

The fences can be made of wood o use natural high-rising plants with wide leaves for full coverage. This look suits concrete pool decks stamped with appropriate patterns that will match the motif of your choice.

Durable and Functional Landscapes

Backyard pool areas are functional so that everyone in your family or guests for your commercial pools can enjoy them. It is important that you create a safe palace with non-slip decks and friendly space for children and adults. Achieve seamless and stable outdoor landscapes and decks with the help of Dallas Pool Deck Resurfacing experts.

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