5 Ways of Creating an Instagram-Worthy Public Pool Deck at an Affordable Cost

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Whether you are a registered Instagram user or not, you’ve surely seen amazing photos posted on Instagram. Many great pools in different hotels, spas, and resorts have gained worldwide attention just by being featured in Instagram posts. Not only will this generate a following, it may also be key to a more profitable business. If you, as a public pool owner, are not ready to invest in updating your pool deck with luxurious materials and decor, here are affordable ways you could make it Instagram-worthy:


Have a concrete pool deck that looks anything but glorious? Time to colorize. Concrete staining is one way of adding color and excitement to an otherwise boring deck. There are two kinds you can choose from: Acid and Water-based. Acid stains create interesting hues and effects while water-based stains create a more uniform and opaque color. You can settle with one color, add one more to create a pattern, or mix several to come up with a unique shade.


If you prefer a single color deck but would still want something interesting to happen to it, then a spray knockdown finish is ideal for your pool deck. Think of a stucco drywall but with a more subtle texture. The great thing about this type of decorative concrete coating is that it is not too complicated and bold enough to distract swimmers and those lounging around the pool deck. Aside from the subtle appeal it provides, the texture also enhances the slip-resistance of the deck, making it a lot safer to walk on, even when wet.

Create a View

This is hard to pull off, you think. But you don’t need to be located at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean or mountains to create a good view. Look around the pool deck. Do you see an unsightly trash bin? Cover it up with good-looking plants. See a worn-out wooden fence? Replace it with tall bamboo or flowering hedges. Is the comfort room area too visible from the pool? Cover it up slightly with a glass or wooden foldable panel fence.

Make it Lounge-Worthy

Most Instagram photos of pool decks feature the lounging area. You don’t even have to buy expensive furniture to make your deck an ideal hang-out area. Just choose good furniture, add some simple but colorful pillows, add fabric curtains along the posts of shades or roof overhangs. Add some tables for drinks, too. If you could, color-coordinate everything with matching or complementary colors to make it look utterly stunning.


Adding decor and accessories can immediately enhance a boring or dull pool deck.  If the pool deck is nowhere near a garden, add an outdoor shower and some potted plants to make it look connected to nature.  Add some vases and freshly cut flowers on the tables. Add some extra towels near the pool deck chairs or maybe accessorize with a good book for those who may be interested in reading while getting a good tan. Sweet, little things like these matter to Instagram users, you know.

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