2022 Best Flooring Ideas

You might think that you’ve seen the best flooring option from 2021. That year focused on the rise of sustainable floorings.

This year you would still visit most of your favorites, like the concrete floors Dallas.

Two chairs in front of fireplace in a modern patio

2022 offers a new perspective and embraces change. These design themes would reflect on the latest flooring trends to watch out for.

Here is a preview of what’s in it for you with today’s list:

  1. Black & White Colored Staining
  2. Metallic Epoxy
  3. Wood Patterned Stamped Concrete
  4. Polyurea Polyaspartic

Floors Trends - Best Of 2022

Our top four picks give you a reminiscent of the innovative eco-friendly concrete flooring and wood, but this time even better.

Black And White Colored Staining

glossy stained concrete

To kickstart this list, let’s talk about black and white staining. Warning: once you’ve learned about this, you will never get enough of it.

Probably the most future-forward flooring ideas for the years to come. Black and white stains now are the new craze.

The 2020’s paved the way for what architectures would refer to as “The New Stone Age” of the modern day.

Concrete finish and concrete designs conquered the world of construction.

You will see stunning concrete works among residential homes, and even commercial properties stay on-trend. You’d see cafes, inns, and resorts flaunting a concrete.

The concept of embracing a utilitarian look before dominating neutrals now had culminated in the harmony of black and white.

The two colors combined to give a straightforward appeal and it is easy on the eye. 

Achieve this color tone in the way of staining, and you’d get a marvelous marble-like effect on the floor. It’s either you DIY or you hire concrete staining contractors

They see a continuation of the reign of the metal for this year.

So what else can you use to reflect a nice and sublime metallic feature on the floors but with epoxy?

Metallic Epoxy

Metals are also emerging trends, which started in 2021 since the Metal Ox reigns. But how about this year of the Tiger? The season changed a bit, but the future for the year for metallic epoxy does not. The recent 2022 update of the Interior Design Trends released by Vogue Magazine says that Millennial-inspired accents and mixed materials will go on-trend. Technology and the immersion with innovative devices reflect the metals. That forecast is also reflected on IndecorTrends’ list of 2022 designs. They see a continuation of the reign of the metal for this year. So what else can you use to reflect a nice and sublime metallic feature on the floors but with epoxy?

Wood Patterned Stamped Concrete

Wood patterned stamped concrete

Earlier, we mentioned Vogue’s recommendation of mixed materials for this year would have that design trend for the outdoors with wooden stamped concrete.

It is an outdoor floor application usually used around patios. You can also have this and mix it with your concrete pool decks.

Wooden stamped is achieved by using an actual wooden plank.

Instead of printing a rubber mat with wooden veins, planks would replicate the actual wood patterns on the fresh concrete overlay.

This is perfect for the outdoors. You can set up a beige, warm color and install them on the patio area. These are also the color trends that would surface for the year.

Polyurea Polyaspartic

Down to our last trend of the year. This time here is something for the guys and the dads at home. Don’t they love the garage? Or it could be you.

You could be an artist or simply a diligent person who loves crafting and looking for a neat place to get on with the dirty jobs, meaning working with grease and oil.

The polyurea floors or the one-day coating are your best option.

2022 is a reminder that this year is a good time to invest in your garage areas, and do so by resurfacing the garage flooring with one day coating.

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